Terhal Show

DATE: Mar 2023





Terhal is the biggest Saudi spectacle done at a monumentally international level in celebration of the diverse cultures of the Kingdom. It is the tale of youngSaad striving to shape the future by rediscovering our cultural and natural heritage in the age of technology. Inspired by the stunningly epic landscapes of Saudi Arabia, the show incorporates the values and traditions of the Saudi people, including their customs, hospitality, clothing, contemporary and folklore dances, and much more.

Using natural elements and the latest theatrical technologies, Terhal brings together young Saudi talents and renowned global artists in a magnetic performance that will stir emotions and position the Kingdom among the leading countries in the world in music and performing arts.

Our Role:

Hwadi work in delivering the entire management for the event including but not limited to: PR services, event management, production and setup of the exhibition, translation services, sponsorship management.


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