DATE: January 2020 –  October 2020

CLIENT: Ministry of Investment

LOCATION: Ministry of Investment  + Multiple locations


Study and analysis for the Film in Saudi Platform: A study to; Analyze the film sector (local & international players) in the Kingdom, Benchmark of industry leading economies, Design services for the local and international film producers, Developed the communication plan for local and international players Advised with offices to provide logistical support for film producers on site.

Our Role:

CurrentState Assessment;

• Assessed the current landscape and status of the film sector in Saudi Arabia

• Identified the stakeholders (government & private) across the filming value chain starting from ideation until distribution

• Analyzed the required permits and the mechanisms related to film industry across the following phases; This stage included analysis of the services and the areas of improvement to ease the procedure for those who are working at thefilm industry.

• Establish film production firm in KSA (localor foreign)

• Development of film (local or foreign)

• Production of film (local or foreign)

• Distribution of film (local or foreign)

• Identified the competitive advantage of Saudi Arabia for the filming industry in terms of locations, existing local firms, growing number of talents, government support


• Conducted detailed benchmark study for the filming industry at the industry leading economies (local, regional, & international) and conducted interviews with industry professionals (production firms, producers, &directors) where our team went deep dive at the following topics;

• Services provided by the government and private sectors and how these services are provided

• Who are the stakeholders across the filming value chain and what is their role

• What are the required permits for local or international film producer, how to obtain these permits, and how who is the entity that grants or support at granting the permit(s)

• What are the costs related to each stage at the filming value chain in comparison with Saudi Arabia

Value proposition design:

• Designed new services to be provided to local and international film producers across the filming value chain

• Enhanced current services provided to the film producers (local &international) across the filming value chain

• Defined the related stakeholders and theirrole at the new &/or enhanced services across the filming value chain

•  Developed the user journey plan for new and enhanced digital services

• Developed the business and functional requirements for the Film In SaudiPlatform

Communication Plan;

• Developed the communication plan to;

1. Investors at the filming industry

2. Local firms at the filming industry

• Developed the communication plan among related governmental stakeholders

• Vendor Management:

• Identified the local vendors across the filming value chain

• Developed the vendor management system

• Film Offices:

• Identified the upcoming movies and series from leading economies until end of2024

• Identified the locations to establish film offices that will provide logistical support to film production on site.


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