Saudi Cup

DATE: Mar 2023





On February 24th – 25th, 2023 Ministry of culture participated in Saudi Cup 2023, the world's most valuable horse race. Our contribution to the event is focusing on showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia to a global audience. Calligraphy and Salmani style are our selected themes and will be reflected in our various cultural exhibitions and interactive experiences. Alongside the races, you will enjoy works by acclaimed artists such as Sara Shakeel's Oasis or the "SaudiHouse," an innovative take on the Escape Room concept. Visitors can also enjoy four unique culinary experiences with blended Saudi and international flavours and opportunities for modern photo-sharing. We have also arranged a special kids area so that children will have a marvellous time with our mixed offer of traditional Saudi games and horse-themed activities. We have been working diligently to enhance this unique event's cultural aspect and increase its overall reach through stage performances including Folk Performances, Saudi Duets, Almayyas and the Bedouin.

Our Role:

Designed, planned, and executed the project within a very short timeframe, while receiving positive feedback from the Ministry of Culture’s project management team and Saudi Cup attendees, reflecting Hwadi’s professionalism and the high standards we thrive for.


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